Research Master students

Fréderique Arnzt


Fréderique is a second-year student of the research master Cognitive Neuroscience at Leiden University. Her main interests are the development of the brain, emotions, creativity, and neurotransmitters. She is currently working for the Brain and Development lab on the project on self-concept development as part of her research internship. 


Suzanne van de Groep



Suzanne is a first year research master student Developmental Psychology at Leiden University. During her studies, she became increasingly interested in the brain, and especially in how brain structure and function are related to social, emotional and cognitive development. She will join the Brain and Development lab in September 2015, where she will assist in the longitudinal Braintime project as part of her thesis and internship. 



 Bianca Westhoff



Bianca studied Psychobiology at the University of Amsterdam and is currently enrolled in the Research Master of Psychology (University of Amsterdam), majoring in Brain and Cognition. Bianca has always been interested in human behaviour, such as decision making, and the human brain. During her studies she discovered her interest in the adolescent brain. For her thesis Bianca will join the Brain and Development lab in September 2015 to assist with the Braintime project. She will use functional and structural neuroimaging techniques to study the development of the adolescent brain.