• Brain and Development Lab, Eveline Crone

Elseline Hoekzema




Elseline is a senior postdoc in the Brain & Development lab. She joined the lab early 2015 with a Veni grant awarded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) to examine the effects of pregnancy hormones on the human brain. Elseline first started working on this topic during her PhD, and in her postdoctoral work she has continued to examine the impact of endocrine factors on the brain. To study this, she uses various neuroimaging approaches (sMRI, fMRI, ASL, DTI, MRS) combined with hormonal, behavioral and physiological measures. Before focusing on neuroendocrinological topics, in her main PhD projects she investigated treatment-induced neuroplasticity, brain morphology and activity in psychiatric disorders (primarily ADHD) as well as the effects of aging on different neurotransmitter systems in rats. In her current research, Elseline examines how pregnancy alters the structure of the human brain